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P.R.E. ~ Andalusian  ~ Pura Raza Española ~ Lusitano  ~  APSL

The Legacy of Kings Awaits You!

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Our Passion is sharing the incredible baroque horses of the Iberian Peninsula... here are what people say about their new partners....

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So amazed by how much Val and I approved in just 3 Days of clinic with Conrad Schumacher.
Thanks a lot to Susan at Dressage Iberians  for all her patience to find the right match for me. I know, I haven’t been an easy client. So impressed by how much effort and work he puts in from his side every day.


Couldn’t have found a better partner.     ~ Dani Hunt


        While searching for an Andalusian and trying to learn more about the breed, I found Susan’s website and Palomo. I called her (knowing next to nothing about PRE horses) and

she was so kind and patient and answered all my questions. She never made me feel rushed or like I was bothering her. She helped me orchestrate a meeting with Palomo out in Texas where he was with a dressage trainer. I flew out and rode him, and he was magnificent. Big, beautiful, powerful, gorgeous, sweet and goofy. After a couple of rides, I knew he was what I was looking for and we decided we wanted to purchase him. 

" Susan was there to make sure everything was taken care of. From helping to navigate a unique contract, to training schedules, farrier, pre-purchase exams, talking about feed and hay (for the breed and in general), passing along great recommendations for supplements, recommending local vets and transporters, and even helping after we got him home with suggestions on getting him settled in (my first stallion). She was a wealth of knowledge and a bright light in this experience. Thank you, Susan! This wouldn’t have been possible without you!"

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Hey there! I wanted to let you both know that Obi has settled in beautifully. As you can see from the photo, we have lots of green grass. He gets limited turn out on it just so he can adjust, but he really loves to graze!  He is a true joy to ride, very sensitive to the seat and responsive. And he loves his baths! I’ve never seen a horse who loves to be groomed as much as he does. He is very spoiled, and he deserves every bit of it!

Thanks to you both for all your help in the process. 

~ Dr. Campis

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From "This is the Spanish Horse" written by Juan Llamas Perdigo…

"In the 17th century, referring to multi-kilometer races, William Cavendish said, "They were so much faster than all other horses known at that time that none was ever seen to come close to them, even in the many remarkable races that were run."


In 1831, horses at five years old were expected to be able to gallop, without changing pace, four or five leagues, about 12 to 15 miles (19 to 24 km). By 1925, the Portuguese military expected horses to "cover 40 km over uneven terrain at a minimum speed of 10 km/h, and to gallop a flat course of 8 km at a minimum speed of 800 metres per minute carrying a weight of at least 70 kg", and the Spanish military had similar standards."



Quotes  from  the  Masters

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