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​PRE Andalusian Stallions at Stud

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PRE ANCCE Revised  Grey  Stallion at Stud

Sire:  Yaco de Torreluna (by Yaco II)

Dam:  Dhaka (by Remache XIII)



Sire:  Yaco de Torreluna by Yaco II

Dam:  Dhaka by Remache XIII

PRE Grey  Stallion at Stud

Located in Stockton, CA

 This glorious stallion embodies astounding beauty, powerful movement, and a kind temperament. And when it comes to BAROQUE, lets just say he delivers in spades.


If you have been looking for a stallion that exemplifies the traditional qualities that many find lacking, then consider Drago for your mares. He clearly fine tunes the definition of true breed harmony.


Rarely does one stallion embody so many desired qualities and possess the ability to pass them along. Drago's offspring have inherited his correct form, powerful structure, upright self carriage, straight forward movement and kind temperaments. He produces gorgeous foals of high quality and regal bearing.   Drago's sire is the Qualified/Calificado Champion of Spain, Yaco de Torreluna. His dam sire Remache XIII is also a twice champion of Spain.

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DRAGO de Saucedo



DRAGO de Saucedo