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IDEAL SAC  - Fantastic Cardenas Bloodlines

Imported Sire &Dam - ARRIOSO SAC  x DESIREE MAC

IDEAL SAC is an elegant 2011 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare with classical, heritage breed type. She has powerful movement with excellent hind end engagement and over reach. She is open and has not been bred or trained under saddle. Her sire and dam were both bred and imported from the top breeder Miguel Angel Cardenas.  Her lineage contains many Champions of Spain! She is revised with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook.  Six available mares,  as breeders are retiring due to family illness.  Located in Houston, TX Priced at $12,500.  VIDEO at LIBERTY


2009  Purebred Lusitano Gelding

Alf stands at 15.3H. He has been ridden both in the arena and around the ranch and he also loves working cows. He has lovely movement, is very sweet and loves attention & could be someone's dream horse. He is super brave when ponied and just needs miles - he is not yet confident on trails on his own. Could make an awesome team driving horse! He has a very small hock spur and if put in regular work might occasionally need hock injections. That's no big deal for most show horse people, so if you are a trainer or a talented amateur, he is the perfect opportunity! IALHA registered. Both parents revised and imported by Interagro Lusitano. Located in TX. $8500.

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Ganadero se retira  |  Venta de Ganadería

9  PRE Andaluces:  7 yeguas, 2 sementales, linea Cárdenas.

Cielito Lindo Ranch. Houston TX Línea de Miguel Angel Cárdenas
2 Sementales Importados. 6 Yeguas Pura Sangre Cárdenas; 1 Yeguas ½ Sangre Cárdenas.
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2013 Andalusian Cross Gelding                                                                        VIDEO LINK

JORGE has a lovely character and tons of potential. He is adorably cute and fun to work with.... still somewhat green, woorking with a prof. trainer and progressing nicely.  With someone focused on developing him he will surely reward his future partner.  $15K  Located in UTAH.   VIDEO

PRE, P.R.E., Andalusian, Lusitano, Pure and Partbreds All Ages Herd Dispersals

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Purebred Lusitanos on Special Offer:


2009 Bay Lusitano Mare

Here is a gorgeous bay Lusitano 15.2H mare with the undeniable classic look. She is offered for light riding and possibly breeding. She had EPM has fully recovered with no relapse. Princessa is back in training and progressing very well.  She is recommended for a pleasure horse, she is amateur safe and is well suited for someone wanting a horse to take dressage lessons and trail ride, not for competition.  Email for complete details. Orig $12K now reduced. Offers considered.


2011 Grey Mare by  Bandolero SAC x Hiedra MAC

This typy PRE young mare stands at 15.3H and is an elegant beauty. She is line bred from Clasico MAC, champion of Spain, and ANCCE qualified in the Spanish studbook. She is graceful and elegant with the talent for dressage, working equitation and would make a wonderful addition to your breeding program. Unstarted and ready to take in any direction.  Registered Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Prices reduced. Located in Houston, TX.  VIDEO at LIBERTY


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GIRASOL SAC  - Fantastic Cardenas Bloodlines

Imported Sire & Dam - ARRIOSO SAC  x DESIREE MAC

GIRASOL SAC's ancestry is from the world renown Cartujano lineage, preserved for centuries by the Carthusian monks and later sought after by many of the top breeders in Spain. Girasol's parents were born and imported from the famous stud of Miguel Angel Cardenas in Spain. Sr Cardenas passed away last year, leaving behind a legacy as the top winning breeder in recent history.  The Cardenas stud requires no introduction for those familiar with the breed, producing more Spanish Champions and gold medal award winners than any breeder in history. Rarely were Cardenas horses imported to the USA. These bloodlines represent a multi-generational heritage of form, function and amazing beauty with excellent temperaments.  Girasol's sire, Arrioso, has been awarded Championship and resv. championship titles at the national level. He is son of Gitano MAC (Qualified) and grandson of Classico MAC (Qualified; Champion of Spain) and Jubiloso VIII (Champion of Spain).  Girasol could be the cornerstone of your breeding program, or can be trained under saddle. She has a fantastic mindset to become an amateur partner. This represents a very rare opportunity.  She is revised with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. Located in Houston, TX Priced at $10k.  VIDEO at LIBERTY


16.1H Bay 2009 Andalusian Gelding                                                                                                     VIDEO

AL has lovely movement, is forward under saddle, and has the aptitude to excel in dressage and evening. He's a great prospect for an ambitious youth rider. He has been out to plenty of schooling shows and handles himself well in a show environment.  He is sensitive to the aids with the athleticism for FEI levels.Well suited for an AA rider with a balanced seat and light connection.  Very sweet temperament, outstanding ground manners. Natural Horsemanship training, Al was a star at an unmounted police training clinic, exposed to water jumps, bridges, smoke bombs, flares, tarps, jumping toys. Has had professional dressage training, been fox hunted, loves trail riding, great all around horse. He is not spooky at all, but sensitive and forward. $15K  Located in Maryland.   VIDEO


2014  Grey Mare by General SAC x Girasol SAC

Lucero possesses the elegance and athleticism of her illustrious pedigree and has potential to go in most any direction. She stands at 15.1H and may grow a bit more as she is still maturing. This beautiful greying filly is from the Cardenas bloodline. Friendly and people loving. One of six available mares from the herd dispersal. Located in Houston, TX. $12,500.    VIDEO at LIBERTY 

Spanish Andalusians  Herd Reduction &  Dispersals 


2005  Purebred  Andalusian Gelding

This 16H gelding is a proud show off with a huge personality. He has not been in regular training for a couple of years so he needs a re-start. he was professionally trained by two prominent classical trainers and comes from a top producing California breeding program, Garrison Ranch. His well-balanced conformation produces beautifully rhythmic gaits with ample energy and impulsion. He is straight moving, elastic and comfy to sit. He enjoys his work and has a desire to please. No buck, bolt, rear, kick or vices, he is people loving and easy to manage. Barefoot, easy keeper. Sired by Bruno, half brother to multi-Nat'l Champion Santiago, his pedigree is brimming with rich Spanish heritage from one of the most prominent breeders in the USA, the Garrison Ranch. Available only due to owners health issues, very reasonably priced to the right home. Located in OR. 

P.R.E., Andalusian  &  Lusitano

Herd Reduction, Dispersals, and Special Offers 



2013  Dark Bay Spanish Andalusian

KESARA SAC is a super athletic 2013 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare from imported parents ARRIOSO SAC x DESEADA SAC. This is the youngest Arrioso daughter available and she is a beautiful mover with a compact, traditional build. She has an inquisitive nature and a charming personality and loves people. She has not been started under saddle or bred, this is a clean slate waiting to take in any direction. Her sire and dam were both imported from the world renown stud of Miguel Angel Cardenas. Her lineage contains many Champions of Spain! She stands at 15.1+H and growing. Registered Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Prices reduced. Located in Houston, TX.   VIDEO 

HERD DISPERSAL, Breeder Retiring in  TEXAS

9  Spanish Andalusians:  7  Mares, 2  Stallions, Cárdenas bloodlines.

Cielito Lindo Ranch in Houston TX is retiring from breeding and offering their exquisite herd to loving homes. Horses may be purchased together or individually. Available - 2 imported trained stallions bred by Miguel Angel Cárdenas. Seven mares bred in the USA from the Cárdenas stock, all open, ranging in age from 4-12 YRS priced from $10K. Contact us for full details. VIDEO PLAYLIST LINKS

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