2013 Rare Palomino Lusitano Mare

Athletic and graceful filly, "Lumi" moves with Maserati precision of fluid and absolute power.  Groundwork was started at age 3 in natural horsemanship training and she is schooling dressage with two+ yrs under saddle.  She has w/t/c and also goes in a halter/bareback. She is a blend of Veiga and Andrade bloodlines. Her Veiga sire, Halconero was a grand prix jumper and bullfighting imported black stallion. Her dam is the daughter of Quarteto do Top, an incredible FEI imported dressage stallion from Brazil. Located in Ocala, FL.  APSL eligible (Portuguese studbook). A diamond in the making.   VIDEO LUNGE      

IDEAL SAC  - Fantastic Cardenas Bloodlines

Imported Sire & Dam - ARRIOSO SAC  x DESIREE MAC

IDEAL SAC is an elegant 2011 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare with classical, heritage breed type. She possesses powerful movement with excellent hind end engagement and over reach. She is open and has not been bred or trained under saddle. Her sire and dam were both bred and imported from the top breeder Miguel Angel Cardenas.  Her lineage contains many Champions of Spain! She is revised with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Prices reduced.  Located in Houston, TX.   VIDEO



Sired by NASSIB do Mirante  

This exquisite filly is one of the friendliest  you will ever meet, and she seems to have all  the makings to become an excellent youth horse. She is smaller in size with excellent gaits. Her sire NASSIB was imported by Intreragro Lusitano, her dam is registered APHA paint mare RER Miss Independence. She will go grey, currently is a beautiful rose grey color with 4 white feet and bald face, blue eye. Houston TX.  See video under saddle    See Liberty Video  


Lusitano Fillies Age 3 and up

        Dressage  and Performance Prospects



2016 Imported Lusitano Gelding

Marvao QTA do Tagus - Gorgeous, talented and imported from Portugal. A dynamic young prospect who will excel at either dressage, working equitation, or beyond.  His groundwork is underway and he is being prepared to go under saddle  Verdadeiro x Gazela (Zaire)

Located in Ocala FLA.          VIDEO Coming Soon


2016 Spanish Andalusian Filly

This lovely bay filly was born with a sweet and loving personality and a generous nature. She will be so easy to train. She gets along well in the herd with others, is brave and curious. She is tall for her age, should reach 16H or possibly more. Her dam's lineage includes the famous Garrison lines of Castilblanco III and Legionario III as well as Valido from Cardenas and Ocioso VIII from Romero Benitez - each are champions, all up close in her pedigree.  Sired by the 17H bay imported stallion, Gomero III.  She is not revisable with the Spanish studbook, but is registerable with all USA registries.  Priced mid teens. Located in Ocala, FLA.   

PRE & Andalusian Fillies Age 3 and up

        Dressage and Performance Prospects


Lusitano Colts  Age 3 and Up

        Dressage and Performance Prospects


Andalusian  &  Lusitano

  Young Performance & Dressage Prospects Age 3 and up

Caravaggio ~ SOLD

2017  P.R.E. Andalusian Colt

Caravaggio will turn heads with his beautiful proportions and angles, balanced gaits and athleticism. To any knowledgeable breeder, he will raise eyebrows with his stellar pedigree. Is dam is imported from one of Spain's respected breeders, TORRELUNA. his sire is by the outstanding producer GENEROSO XXXIII. Here is a very high quality colt with talent, beauty and a promising future. Don't miss this opportunity. Located in Ocala, FLA. Priced in mid teens.


2014  Grey Mare by General SAC x Girasol SAC

Lucero possesses the elegance and athleticism of her illustrious pedigree and has potential to go in most any direction. She stands at 15.1H and may grow a bit more as she is still maturing. This beautiful greying filly is from the Cardenas bloodline. Friendly and people loving.HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Available for purchase or on a breeding lease.  Located in Houston, TX.   VIDEO at LIBERTY 

Que Paso   

2016  Azteca Gelding

Sired by ADANTE rer

 Big moving Azteca gelding by the grullo Azteca stallion Adante RER. Teddy bear friendly, super trainability, will make a fantastic working equitation prospect or dressage partner. Located in  Houston TX.  

Gitana - SOLD

2014 PRE Spanish Andalusian Filly by Qualified Parents

Beautiful revised filly from outstanding pedigree, both sire and dam are ANCCE Qualified / Calificado and imported from Spain. Gitana was bred for dressage and she has been lightly started under saddle. She has an exemplary work ethic and talent to spare. Her renown sire Gaucho III (now deceased) competed at Grand Prix dressage and is one of the most prolific dressage sires utilized by prominent breeders in the USA. Her dam is also ANCCE calificado / qualified and sired by the Guardiola stallion Educado X... also calificado. Located in FLA.         VIDEO UNDER SADDLE         VIDEO LINK

SUPREMO -  2015 BAY Lusitano Andalusian Gelding

Templar M (PRE) Andalusian x  Singara Interagro  (APSL) Lusitano

This stunning bay stud gelding (will NOT grey) will turn 4 yrs old in July. He is still far from maturing, and slowly blossoming into a leggy, super athlete. He has gorgeous movement with nice overreach and remarkable impulsion. He has the wonderful Iberian mind, sane, smart and willing! He has been exceedingly mellow with his groundwork and his initial start under saddle. Never a bulk, balk or bolt, always calm and receptive to learning from his first ride. Perfectly suited for dressage, working equitation or eventing. His sire Templar M (PRE Andalusian) is an Indiano grandson, his imported Lusitano APSL dam is bred by Interagro and a Dragao grand daughter. IALHA registered purebred S/P (Spanish Portuguese). Located in Houston TX. RIDDEN VIDEO - VIDEO AT LIBERTY


Damasco x Divisa (Ladino)

2016 Bay Lusitano imported from Portugal recently gelded. Excellent proportions, short coupled with a lovely croup and the ability to get under himself. Sstill has a lot of growth left. Has great potential for working equitation or dressage. Ground work is started and he will be going under saddle this fall. Located in Ocala FL. Mid teens.   VIDEO LINK

LavA  - 2015 Buckskin Filly

Halconero  x  Caressa

Adorably cute buckskin with burnished bronze coat. This Lusitano purebred filly is compact, balanced and elegant. Her kindness knows no limits as she just wants to be in your pocket. Very trainable, loves attention and is quick to please.  She has potential for dressage, eventing, some jumping and working equitation.
Lava has excellent feet, straight legs. She has beautiful legs and a compact build. Her dam is 16H tall, we expect her to be about 15.3H at maturity. She should continue to grow for another 2 yrs.  She is solid with no white.  Lava's sire was an imported bullfighting stallion and a grand prix jumper, he is now 28 yrs old and still sound. Her dam's sire was a grand prix trained dressage star. She has many siblings in the limelight in the dressage world.  Ocala, FL  



Cofre x Messalina (Dital)

2016 Imported from Portugal, this grey Lusitano was recently gelded. He is a powerful moving boy with potential for upper levels.  He will be of medium height, approx 16 - 16.1H at maturity. Ground work is underway, will be started under saddle this fall. Located in Ocala FL.    VIDEO LINK

Naveia - 2016 Imported Filly

Beautiful Palomino from Brazil

Naveia do Monsanto comes from very highly regarded bloodlines. Her sire Quadro do Top is by the famous AFIANCADO do Flandres, the top producing dressage sire in Brazil modern times.  Her dam  Gueixa do Castanheiro is by the famoust stallion, 'Portugal'. Naviea possesses elegance, beauty, and has exceptional talent, this is a high quality filly with stardom in her future.  Located in Ocala, FL


MICKEY - Spanish Portuguese Colt

2016 Black S/P Purebred Andalusian

A beautiful young stallion with lovely movement and balanced proportions who should mature at 16H. Will be started under saddle in 2019. Will be a wonderful riding partner given a chance to develop his gaits. Both parents are dynamic movers. Great temperament. Inquire for more details. Located in AZ


2017  P.R.E. Andalusian Dressage Prospect

Campeon is a charcoal grey, statuesque colt with a commanding presence and big gaits that will be competitive in the dressage arena. Campeon is a has huge bone substance and balanced conformation that lends appeal as a breeding stallion. He currently stands at 16H tall at 2.5 yrs old and growing. Expected to reach 17H at maturity like his champion imported sire Gomero III. His gorgeous movement will take him far! Located in central Florida with potential for upper level dressage. 


2014 Bay Andalusian - TB  Iberian Warmblood Mare                        

This young athlete with ground covering movment and a huge engine is a star in the making. She was started under saddle in Summer 2017 and exhibits beautiful balance, ground covering stride and lovely gaits.  She is 16H, very balanced in conformation and proportions and uses herself well. Born March 2014 out of a 16.2H TB mare, sired by Templar M, son of Conquistador XII (by Indiano XVIII). She will not grey. She is a stunning mover and has demonstrated her steadiness and fortitude off property and has been shown at a few venues   June 2019 Schooling Show -   Schooling Show Video  


2011 Grey Mare by  Bandolero SAC x Hiedra MAC

This typy PRE young mare stands at 15.3H and is an elegant beauty. She is line bred from Clasico MAC, champion of Spain, and ANCCE qualified in the Spanish studbook. She is graceful and elegant with the talent for dressage, working equitation and would make a wonderful addition to your breeding program. Unstarted and ready to take in any direction.  Registered Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Prices reduced. Located in Houston, TX.  VIDEO at LIBERTY


2016  P.R.E. Andalusian Colt

Corintio is a powerful mover with lovely extensions and strong impulsion. His parents are both imported from Spain. He has excellent potential for the dressage ring or would excel at working equitation. He has been shown at halter and is a very well behaved young stallion. He will mature into a classical stallion with Spanish features. Will exceed 16.1H. Located in Central Calif VIDEO


2013  Dark Bay Spanish Andalusian

KESARA SAC is a super athletic 2013 Pure Spanish Andalusian Mare from imported parents ARRIOSO SAC x DESEADA SAC. This is the youngest Arrioso daughter available and she is a beautiful mover with a compact, traditional build. She has an inquisitive nature and a charming personality and loves people. She has not been started under saddle or bred, this is a clean slate waiting to take in any direction. Her sire and dam were both imported from the world renown stud of Miguel Angel Cardenas. Her lineage contains many Champions of Spain! She stands at 15.1+H and growing. Registered Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (PRE Mundial) and eligible for the Spanish Studbook. HERD DISPERSAL SALE: Six mares are available as breeders are retiring due to family illness. Prices reduced. Located in Houston, TX.   VIDEO 

Classic and Noble PRE Colt

2016  P.R.E. Andalusian Colt

Show and breeding quality, this colt is simply breathtaking. If you are looking for the ultimate in a future breeding or competition stallion, this baroque, yet very elegant looking colt has much to offer. He sports an extremely strong hind quarter and huge drive from the hind end, matched by beautiful balance of reach and lift to make him very competitive in the dressage arena. As a future breeding stallion, he displays beauty and classical traits of the PRE that makes this breed so highly sought after. He is highly intelligent, very independent, and loves people. Central TX VIDEO LINK


By Devon Champion Qualified Sire and Nat'l Champion Qualified Dam

Zendaya has the beauty of her ANCCE Qualified national champion dam, and the imposing size and presence of her imported ANCCE Qualified bay sire, FESTIVO MR, a SICAB champion.  At 4 yrs old, she stands at almost 17H and will likely reach that height.  She is a powerful moving machine and a teddy bear best friend! Lightly started in ground work, this big girl is ready to start more serious training. She carries the bay gene from her sire and will be able to produce color, if bred to a stallion with color. Note there are less than 1600 Qualified stallions and mares in existence, since Spain implemented the elite grading system in 2000. In the USA less than 50! This is a rare opportunity if you are seeking Spanish graded Calificado lines.  Located in So. Carolina.     VIDEO LINK I     -    VIDEO LINK II

Andalusian & Lusitano Dressage Horses for Sale

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2012 Lusitano Black Stallion                                                               

This stunning stallion is very classically built. He is green under saddle, has brilliant movement and a sweet nature. His work in hand shows an extraordinary ability for natural collection.  This lovely unbred virgin stallion has been lightly started under saddle, not rushed. He shows excellent potential for classical training. Both parents are imported. Video and photos shown as a 2 yr old. New video coming soon. Ocala, FL.  LIBERTY VIDEO         VIDEO AT AGE 2