FEI Stallion with impeccable breeding

2005 Breathtaking P.R.E. FEI Competition Stallion  

Phenomenal bloodlines including Albero II. Competing internationally at Grand Prix. 1.67m Excellent ladies mount. Amazing talent and work ethic.   Available by private treaty.   Video link    Video LInk II   Video Link III

Grand Prix Competition PRE

Bay PRE Stallion Competing at Grand Prix                                  click images to enlarge

2005  PRE  stallion endowed with incredible talent, elasticity and suppleness, trademarks of the breed. A dream to ride, willing, responsive, light and easy. Amateur friendly, excellent character.                 VIDEO I        VIDEO II  


P.R.E. Alta Escuela Stallion in Spain  

Campanillero is a 9 yr old stallion, standing at 16.1H. Training includes piaffe, passage, piroettes, and he executes the passage with incredible zeal and enthusiasm. What a fun exhibition horse! He has spectacular movements. VIDEO LINK

P.R.E. ~  Grand Prix & FEI Levels in Spain              

Recent Additions in Spain         


P.R.E. with  Dressage /  ALta Escuela Training                               click images to enlarge

Stunning 2010 stallion with dressage and classical training. Exemplary of the breed, beautiful mover, excellent character, easy to ride, very manageable in hand, suitable for any rider. Passage, piaffe, isolated flying changes. Guardiola bloodlines, unbred stallion, breeding quality. Piroplasmosis free.   VIDEO LINK   


PRE Stallion Schooling Prix St George                                                                                            click images to enlarge

2007 PRE unbred stallion in Spain.  Schooling tempe changes, piaffe, passage, pirouettes. Responsive and light to the aids. easy to sit.  Amateur safe, well behaved quiet demeanor, excellent temperament.    VIDEO LINK  


P.R.E. 2011 Bay Stallion in Spain  

F.E.I. prospect now available for export to Europe, Asia. Tall 1,69m 6 year old PRE bay stallion (will not grey). Endowed with superb strength, powerful impulsion and very expressive gaits. Piro Positive, available to Europe, Asia, not USA, CAN. VIDEO . 

Andalusian & Lusitano Dressage Horses for Sale


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Astounding Young  FEI Prospect Stallion                                         click images to enlarge

2011 PRE unbred stallion in Spain, exceptional talent and promise. Powerful impulsion, a natural athlete. Schooling single  tempe changes, piaffe, passage,  a definite Grand Prix prospect, and is amateur friendly and well suited as a lady's mount.    VIDEO LINK  


2010 P.R.E.  16.3H  Gelding 

7 years old Andalusian PRE registered gelding; rose gray with special shine 1,70 tall, competing PSG, amazing character, good GP prospect, piroplasmosis free. Perfectly suitable for a lady or young rider.
Beautiful strong hoofs, never shod.

Grand Prix Stallion by Olympic Sire

Fabulous Grand Prix Competition  P.R.E. Stallion  

PRIVATE SALE. This stunning PRE stallion is truly an exemplary specimen. He has the hallmark extraordinary beauty and uncommon regal bearing of the horse of kings.  His athletic prowess is on par with the top competitors in Spain. His internationally acclaimed sire rose to Spanish Olympic team stardom and he exhibits the talent to take you as far as you want to go. Available by private treaty.   Video link  



Stunning Intermediare I Competition PRE Stallion                               click images to enlarge

This P.R.E. stallion is 8 years old and is competing Prix St George and Intermediare1. He is schooling and ready for Grand Prix. He is very tall at 1,72.    VIDEO LINK   

SPAIN- P.R.E.  Pure Spanish Horses

               Available for Export direct from Spain


P.R.E. Chestnut Stallion Schooling PSG

This 2010 unbred 16.1+ H chestnut stallion delivers spectacular movements! He is schooling Prix St George. His amazing pedigree is primarily Escalera and Miura with two crosses to Vinatero III. His dam is a qualified mare, MANZANILLERA III. He is developing into a viable FEI prospect. VIDEO LINK


Stunning Bay PRE                                                                                   click images to enlarge

7 year old bay Andalusian PRE  stallion. Lovely gaits, wonderful character, amateur friendly.Height is between 15.2 - 15.3H for the petite rider. Massive mane and tail, beautiful movement, professionally trained for Dressage and Alta Escuela,  suitable for any rider, passage, piaffe, isolated flying changes, spanish walk, starting pirouettes,  Perfect for freestyle exhibitions! Piroplasmosis free.    VIDEO LINK   


Black 2009 FEI PRE Andalusian Stallion                                                 click images to enlarge

Normando is schooling PSG, Intermediare I. His temperament, manageability and character is excellent! He has tested piro free and has clean x-rays. Stands at apprx 16H.  Ready to export worldwide.     VIDEO LINK   

Tartesio MAC - SOLD

Phenomenal Half Brother to Fuego (Spanish Olympic Team)                   click images to enlarge

This outstanding 2009 bay P.R.E. stallion possesses the enigmatic, superlative strength, agility and expression that is rarely found and highly sought after. Tartesio is by FUEGO's sire, Utrerano II and bears a remarkable resemblance to him.  His dam, Joya MAC, is one of the Cardenas emblematic mares, a grand daughter of Vassallo II (#1 PRE) and  Leviton (#2 PRE, Limpre ratings). Schooled by the Olympic trainer Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz.   In 6 months he will be ready to compete at PSG. Brilliance beyond words, best suited for a professional level rider.  Inquire for more details.  Video Segovia 2013 competition        New Schooling Video 

SPAIN- P.R.E.  Pure Spanish Horses

               Available for Export from Spain


Stunning Black Prix St George FEI Stallion                                   click images to enlarge

Murciano, 10 yr old PRE stallion in Spain, he is trained to Prix St George level, a Grand Prix prosoect, has an exceptional piaffe, passage.   VIDEO LINK    

P.R.E. ~  FEI TRAINED Stallions               


2011 PRE stallion with  FEI Potential                                     click images to enlarge

 Hortelano is a very gifted, 5 yr old bay PRE stallion with fantastic natural ability and willingness to achieve. Excellent movement, FEI potential, schooling PSG movements.   Video link  


P.R.E.Grey Stallion Schooling PSG

This 6 year old baroque unbred stallion is schooling Prix St George. A joy to ride, very well mannered, an extremely gifted FEI contender. VIDEO LINK


2011 P.R.E. Black Stallion 

A classical beauty, excellent conformation, FEI Prospect. Amateur friendly, unbred stallion, non studdy and easy to manage in hand and under saddle. Pure gaits, willing, loves to work, great character. VIDEO LINK


16.3 H Black 7 yr old P.R.E Stallion

Smooth as silk, this tall black FEI prospect is a quick study, now schooling PSG and tempe series. Generous, kind, excellent work ethic. Amazing partner! Available for export from Spain to all countries except USA, CAN due to piro positive.  Video link

ALTANERO -Bay  Dressage Stallion

P.R.E. Stallion in Spain  

8 yr old PRE stallion, 1.68m 16.2H training with an Olympic rider. Kind, gentle, AA friendly, schooling PSG and a very special pricel Piro Positive, may not export to USA or CAN. Video link


P.R.E. Schooling Grand Prix in Spain                                                        New Video

Brilliant 9 yr old (turns 10) Grand Prix stallion, amateur friendly, expressive gaits, immense power. This stunning bay stallion stands at 1,70m / 16.3H.  He is a brilliant performer, no vices, with an exceptional character to match his undeniable talent. Amateur friendly, with appeal for a professional. Easy one tempes, piaffe, passage. Clean x-rays. Additional videos. 

more PREs in Spain Available.  please visit this page again.

Updated February 2017


Bohemio - Sold

Stunning Bay Grand Prix Competition PRE Stallion                        click images to enlarge

Magnificent in every way, Bohemio's brilliance is only matched by his quiet, calm and willing demeanor. Powerful, expressive movement, effortless piaffe and passage. Schooled to Grand Prix, and just competed at his first CEI. This is a horse for a lady or youth rider. Sadly, he has tested piro positive, and may not export to USA/CAN/NZ/AU. Available to  export to Europe, Asia, Africa etc.    VIDEO LINK   


Brilliant Young PRE - Intermediare I Competition Stallion                    click images to enlarge

Jarrito, 7 years old PRE Andalusian Stallion, ANCEE revised, piroplasmosis free, very tall, 17.2 hands, amazing movement, extraordinary temperament, competing PSG/Inter1, in training for GP. SOLD to Switzerland  

Video link  


Stunning Bay PSG-Intermed I FEI Stallion                                               click images to enlarge

TARDIO, 7 year old bay Andalusian PRE registered stallion. Competing PSG/inter1, in training for GP, 16 hands, schoolmaster, piroplasmosis free, amazing movement and character.  VIDEO LINK