Maximus  ~  Sold

15 H Bay 2009 Lusitano Gelding

Born April 2009, this classic Lusitano gelding with a very baroque profile is sired by the magnificent imported stallion Tejo II, a substantial black bay classically trained Lusitano.   His dam is the stunning bay Xira Do Retiro, imported from one of the most lauded dressage breeding programs in Brazil.  Maximus has inherited his sire and dam's athletic abilities and is well suited to a variety of disciplines.  Maximus is schooling 2nd/3rd level dressage and has competition experience.  He is also schooled in working equitation.  Located in N.C.  Video link


16.1+H  Buckskin 2012 Lusitano Gelding 

Here is a simply breathtaking golden buckskin gelding with incredible presence and movement. Jimador has had a suspensory injury in the past from which he has recovered. He is schooling under saddle and has a playful nature and is still mentally immature, so his training is going along casually at his pace. Sired by Lavrador, Buckskin stallion imported from Portugal. Click images to enlargeVideo link 


16 H Bay 2010 Lusitano-Spanish Gelding

This S/P gelding possesses elegance under saddle coupled with 3 lovely gaits.   The combination of this blending of Portuguese & Spanish lines is nothing short of dynamic.  His uphill balance accentuated by his elegant neck and cadenced gaits make him a memorable prospect as a future show stopper.  A serious horse for the discriminating competitor who wants to enjoy dressage on a responsive, and yet, comfortable Iberian.     Video LINK

dem Tarjo

15.2 H Bay 2011 Lusitano Gelding Under Saddle 

DEM TARJO is an exemplary product of his imported parents Tejo II VA (sire) and the amazing imported mare, Tarumandai do Penagono. Tarjo's expressive movement is just the beginning.  He is full of energy and very friendly. He is an enthusiastic student. He likes to run and jump and may be a good eventing or working equitation candidate.Video link

Troubadour - SOLD

15.2H  Bay 2009 Lusitano Gelding

Troubador is not only breathtaking to look at, he is exceptionally kind and well mannered, with off-the-scale charm!  Progressing very well, currently he is in prof. training with a classical foundation.  He is athletic and sensitive to the aids, with a responsive/willing attitude. Requires further training to finish, but is safe for an amateur rider.  He handles new places very well, he is quiet, sensitive to the aids and a joy to be around. Ocala, FL.   


           Dressage Geldings



16.1H Bay 2009 Andalusian Gelding                                                                                      VIDEO

Al has brilliant movement and the desire to please his rider. He is going very well under saddle for a young gelding and has all the makings of a super competitor for dressage or eventing. Loves to jump! AL has been out to schooling shows and handles himself well in a show environment. He is schooling first level. He is sensitive to the aids. Athletic potential and movement for FEI levels. Al needs to continue with his prof. training, and would be suited for an AA rider with a balanced seat and light connection. Located in Maryland.  See his new VIDEO

P.R.E.   Andalusian   and  Lusitano

         Dressage Geldings


Andalusian  &  Lusitano  Dressage  Horses


Faraon -  Spanish Gelding Cardenas bloodlines 

2010 Andalusian 15.3H Gelding  

Graceful and fluid moving, this stunning Andalusian gelding is in professional dressage training. He has been lovingly raised by his breeder and prepared for an Amateur partner. He is affectionate, friendly and willing with smooth gaits easy to sit. He also goes out on trailsand has wonderful ground manners, no vices. Excellent Dressage, Sporthorse, WE, Driving prospect. Grandsire and Dam are both imported from Miguel Angel Cardenas. Registered: F.P.S.H. 

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2014 Bay Andalusian-Arabian Gelding                                                         click images to enlarge

This is a lovely example of two ancient breeds who currently stands at 15 hands and will continue to grow for 2-3 years.  Parents are 15.2 and 16 hands. He is registered as a Half Arab, his paperwork is underway for the Half Andalusian papers.  He has been lightly started under saddle  - walk trot canter, never offered a buck, just very green. Shown in hand at Arabian nationals as a two yr old, received a top 10 placement!  His Arabian sire is a two time national champion! Excellent breeding! Contact us for more information about this future star.  Located in TX.


2009  Spanish Andalusian 16H Gelding 

Simply beautiful, this elegant 16H gelding is very fluid and extremely athletic. He is started under saddle and is green but very responsive. Listens and wants to please. Exceptional athlete with tons of talent. Stellar champion bloodlines from Guapo, Indiano, Genil. Located in TN. 


16.2 H  2012 Lusitano Gelding

Lancelot is an extremely agile purebred gelding with wonderful cadence and impulsion. His trainer is very pleased with his progress under saddle and feels he is a definite FEI prospect.  He was born buckskin and is greying out. He is a people loving sweetie with tons of character. Typical of the Iberian breeds, he is seeking a deep emotional bond with his own person.     Video LINK


2012  P.R.E. Andalusian Dressage Gelding                                                                                          

Dragon has been turning heads since he was born. He is absolutely statuesque, a classic 15.2H grey gelding with beautifully balanced correct conformation. Schooling dressage full time, he has the trainability and athletic potential to go up the levels with his lovely gaits and ease of handling. Located in Florida.      VIDEO LINK


2009 17H  Dark Bay Dressage  Gelding                                                         New Video

This 7 yr old bay P.R.E. Spanish gelding is in professional training in Florida. He is a confident boy and has competition experience.  Amateur friendly, well suited for the taller rider, as he is a powerful package at an impressive size.  Compi is currently schooling 3rd level movements, doing well with laterals and is almost ready for his tempes.  He has good tempo and cadence, very comfortable gaits to sit and does fine in new places. Ready to be your next show horse. VIDEO LINK


15.2H  Andalusian Lipizzan Gelding

Lanca is a natural born athlete who got a late start at no fault of his own. He is compact and collects easily and is naturally built for dressage. He has done very well in professional training, schooling 2nd level, and is ready to go farther. He is sensitive to the aids; best suited for a medium level rider with quiet hands and seat who will be his confident leader.  Located in central FL.   Priced in the upper teens. New video coming in May.   VIDEO LINK

RAZA -  Andalusian Gelding

2005  PRE Andalusian Gelding - Amateur Friendly, Safe & Fun!

The precious Raza is a glamorous 2005 PRE Andalusian Gelding. He is totally Amateur friendly, safe, flirty & fun! He is enchanting, loves attention, with a huge personality... and desire to please.  Raza is schooling dressage full time, has show experience and is trail safe. His fantastic movement is no accident, it comes from an exceptional pedigree with Indiano, Genil, Leviton.  He loves to be in the limelight. Point a camera and him - he has done modeling, loves to show off.   Located in CO. May 2017 VIDEO 

Partbred Andalusian & Lusitano

           Dressage Geldings


Leo - Classical Andalusian Gelding - SOLD

2009 Grey PRE Andalusian Gelding

A baroque, very classical Spanish beauty with fairytale looks, Leo stands at 15.1H with broad chest and body to take up your leg. He has been started under saddle and awaits his forever home, he has the basics w/t/c and starting lateral work. Well suited for working equitation, lower level dressage as well as trails, pleasure. He is sensible and easy, you can go weeks without riding, tack him up, lunge for 5 min and hop on for a ride. No vices or bad habits. Located in TX. New Video


16H+ Bay 2011 Lusitano Gelding 

Gaviao is elegant, intelligent and both sensitive and sensible.  Extraordinary walk with a lofty trot and soft canter.  He needs a rider who is confident, balanced and has experience with the Veiga mind.  Someone willing to take their time with him to develop a partnership based on trust to build his confidence.  He has been started quietly without rushing on the longe, long lines and under saddle.  He is willing and enjoys learning, but needs several years to develop strength and suppleness. Sire and dam are imported from the Interagro stud in Brazil.  Click on his images to enlarge

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