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At Andalusians de Mythos, breeding is our passion.  Since our inception in the late 1990s, we have drawn our origins from renown breeders ~ many whom are proven on the world stage.

Our program is focused on preserving the classical traits and heritage of this breed. We endeavor to produce the finest quality Andalusian and Lusitano horses for the breed enthusiast today.

We bring breeders together with recognized USDF trainers and judges to offer you a premium selection of Iberian Dressage partners.  Our listings are chosen for their aptitude, idealistic temperament and athleticism. You will find prospects for both professional and amateur riders.

The selection encompasses beautiful, talented horses throughout the USA, Canada and Spain. We produce a few exceptional quality purebreds each year offered for sale.

Many newcomers to the breed are delightfully surprised by the engaging charm, intelligence and personality traits these horses possess.  They are extremely tractable with a genuine desire to please their partner.  This steady mind, combined with smooth gaits and responsiveness to lighter aids makes them a joy to ride and cross train in a variety of disciplines.

Prepare yourself... your expectations are about to be surpassed.

Andalusian  &  Lusitano  Dressage  Horses


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Andalusian  &  Lusitano  Dressage  Horses