The Legacy of Kings Awaits You

Andalusians de Mythos is a breeder of P.R.E. Pure Spanish Horses, also known as Andalusians, and Lusitanos from Portugal, or APSL.  We have been involved with this glorious, noble horse for 2 decades. 

Our foundation breeding stock was carefully chosen from the finest performance bloodlines from Spain and Portugal.  We are dedicated to producing exceptional temperaments, along with classical, baroque  conformation and brilliant, expressive  movement.

Our horses are bred to be versatile athletes, capable of excelling in multiple disciplines such as classical or competitive dressage, working equitation, eventing, jumping, trail and driving,  as well as the classical training methods of doma vaquera, doma classica ,and alta escuela (high school) equitation. 

In addition to our own breeding program, our sales list represents a fine selection of Andalusian & Lusitano horses from our breeder friends around the USA, Canada and Spain. 

This centuries old breed is still quite rare in the Americans but the popularity is rising. If you are seeking more information about the breed, please visit our main website, Andalusians de Mythos for over 170 pages of information, history  and articles for your immersion. 

Did you know.... the Spanish Horse was the  original classical dressage,  as well as being the chosen mount of Kings and noblemen throughout Europe?   Click HERE for quotes going back to the 12th century.


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PRE, Andalusian, and Lusitano  Horses for Sale in Florida, California, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Utah, Oregon, Washington.  Breeders of PRE Spanish Andalusians and Lusitanos from Portugal.   Dressage  Working Equitation Eventing Driving Halter Performance Pleasure Trail Jumping Breeding Stallions Mares Broodmares Geldings Foals Fillies Colts

P.R.E. Spanish Andalusians  and   Lusitanos  Portugal

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